Saboroso Cocktails

Regional Cocktails

bellaroso (2 oz)

our signature cocktail, a chalice of Appleton’s rum, peach schnapps, peach slush & lanced with a piccolo of sparkling wine

caipirinha (2 oz)

the national drink of brazil, this cocktail is made with exotic cachaca, fresh lime and sugar

caipiroska (2 oz)

one of the better known sisters of the caipirinha. you have to try this vodka and lemon version

batida de maracuja

batida means “shaken”. made with condensed milk, pineapple juice, passion fruit, cachaca, lime and sugar

pisco sour (2 oz)

this Chilean and Peruvian cocktail is made with pisco (a type of brandy), lemon juice, egg white, sugar and bitters. both countries claim this as their national drink


popular cuban cocktail made of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and fresh mint leaves

classic margarita (2 oz)

this refreshing mexican cocktail is comprised of Hornitos tequila, Grand Marnier, sugar & hand squeeze lime juice

pina colada

this official puerto rican beverage is a sweet blended cocktail comprised of rum, coconut, milk and pineapple juice

rio daiquiri

cuba’s fusion with brazil blended with rum, passion fruit juice, sugar and fresh mint leaves


its traditional heritage is well rooted in spain made with red or white wine & fruit juices


a saboroso original combination of mojito & sangria. White rum, blush wine, limes, mint, sugar & sprite for a light & unique flavour

mai tai

the classic with rum, triple sec, almond lime and pineapple juice topped with grenadine

Signature Cocktails

smoked bourbon manhattan (2oz)   

Woodford Reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth & angostura bitters smoked with hickory chips for a rich & complex flavour

bacon straw caesar

vodka, clamato, worcestershire, your choice of tabasco, & lime, topped with a signature garnish—the bacon straw

merengue del sol

muddled strawberries & lemons strained over ice & topped with sparkling wine for a zesty, light favorite

flaming tower

a Saboroso favorite that comes with a show. 151 rum, Jack Daniels, & Gran Marnier are ablaze over a tower of glassware. You have to see it to believe it.


another Saboroso creation. Saskatoon’s Lucky Bastard Horilka vodka is paired with passion fruit juice, limes, sugar & jalapenos to create a sweet & spicy flavour pairing

chai fizz (2oz)

a local twist on the Pisco Sour.  Saskatoon’s Lucky Bastard chai vodka, egg whites, lemons, & sugar shaken to create a light texture & topped with tonic.                   

saboroso sour (2oz)     

a New York style sour.  Bulleit bourbon, lemons, sugar, passion fruit & pineapple juice topped with a red wine float.

the CGT

the best gin tonic you’ve ever had.  Hendrick’s gin, cucumber and Jack Rudy small batch tonic make a crisp unique taste.

zombie (3 oz)

served as it should be: a triple. Gosling’s black, Appleton’s, Bacardi 151 and Falernum, Dons mix, lime juice and grenadine create a deadly combination

cucumber mint sweet tea (2 oz)

sweet teas vodka, fresh cucumber, mint and soda create a subtle refreshing flavour

strawberry gin thing

infused strawberry gin, fresh basil, tropical balsamic vinegar and soda combine for a crisp, restorative flavour

strawberry negroni (2 oz)

infused strawberry gin, campari, sweet vermouth, and a trio of bitters for a twist on the classic

brugal rum sour (2oz)

dominican brugal run, orange juice, lime juice, bitters, sugar & egg white create an elegant, airy cocktail



With your favourite gin or vodka. Dirty if you like it.

strawberry lemonade

Vodka, lemons, & sugar strained over a strawberry puree

black forest

Kraken spiced rum, carmine jewel sour cherry liquor & Chambord

white chocolate macadamia nut

Vodka, white chocolate liqueur & Trader Vic’s macadamia nut liquor


Berentzen Apflekorn & vodka

espresso caramel

van gogh espresso vodka, stoli salted caramel vodka & kahlua

 Specialty Coffee


Grand Marnier, Kahlua & Baileys


Kahlua & Brandy

saboroso signature coffee

Cachaca & Kahlua


Frangelico & Amaretto

monte cristo

Grand Marnier & Kahlua

blueberry tea

Disarronno & Grand Marnier



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